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Four golden rules to receiving thirty quality CVs online

by , 29 November 2013
Nadine in HR got an email. She has to find a new developer. She uploads a quick advert online. The next day her Inbox had six hundred and fifty three new CVs. The more she deletes, the more they keep coming in.

The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management says online recruitment can give you access to a large number of candidates. We'll help you get that number down so you'll only get the CVs that qualify. Keep reading for our four easy to use golden rules.

Recruitment is not an easy process!
But, we've simplified it for you. Simply follow the tips, tools and advice we give you to get it right, first time, every time.
Now you can get step-by-step guidance on all aspects of recruitment, including:
• How to select the right candidate
• External and internal factors that will affect your recruitment process
• Making the most of the challenges and opportunities when you recruit in a tough economy
• How to meet all the legal requirements of recruitment
• How to create a winning job advert
• Top tips to get the most out of your interview
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Four golden rules to receiving quality CVs
Rule 1: Find specialist job sites
You should look for specific skills on specialist websites. Example, pnet.co.za deals a lot with IT candidates.
Rule 2: Set up qualifiers on the job site.
These qualifiers can be certificates, licenses or age. They are the basic requirements candidates need to have for the position. So you can ask questions like:
1.         Do you have a Matric/Grade 12 Certificate?
2.         Do you have a driver's license?

Two more golden rules to getting quality CVs
Rule 3: Let the website work for you. The websites should come with…
  • A placement tracker. This'll help you see how well your job adverts are doing online. You can plan for future recruitments and keep track of your top quality candidates.
  • Online résumé alerts. You can create and manage résumé email alerts for new candidates matching your criteria. When new résumés matching your criteria enter the system, you'll receive alerts, either daily or weekly. Then you can view and contact potential candidates immediately.
  • Individual user protection. You'll have safe access and control over your details via the website. You don't want candidates to contact you when they feel like it, because they will.
Rule 4: Use Job tests
 Use a task that the employee will do daily. Set it up as a test to screen applicants. The job site will screen, rank, short-list or send regret letters to your candidates.
Only look at the CVs that make the cut. You'll be amazed what people make up in their CV. In your Practical Guide to Human Resources Management, read chapter R07- Recruitment and resume red flags. Then you'll know what to look out for on a CV and how to verify claims. Not a subscriber, click here now!

Be informed
Yvonne Eribake
P.S. Get a copy of Recruitment: The Complete Guide. You'll learn about the AIDA principle to create job advertisements that get the attention of the perfect candidates, so you don't waste time wading through the CVs of chancers.

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Four golden rules to receiving thirty quality CVs online
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