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Four guidelines successful recruiters use to ensure their job ads stand out

by , 26 May 2014
When you recruit, you can't just put your job advert out there and hope the right candidates see it.

You have to put in some work to ensure the right people buy into what you're selling: The perfect job opportunity.

But where do you start?

Our experts give you the four guidelines successful recruiters use to ensure their job adverts stand out and attract the right candidates.


The A-Z of legal recruitment

  • Did you know there are 11 legal requirements for recruitment?
  • Do you know how the Employment Equity Act affects your job advertisement?
  • Do you know what checks you can legally conduct on an applicant?
  • Are you sure your employment contract includes the 16 clauses the law says you must have?

If you don't have all of these aspects correct, you'll be on the wrong side of the law when it comes to your recruitment process.


Want your job advert to stand out? Follow the four guidelines

#1: Attract attention

According to the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service, if there's nothing about your job advert that attracts an applicant's attention, they won't have any reason to read further about what you're offering them.

Do the following to attract attention:

  • Have a catchy headline
  • Use expressive words.
  • Decide what column/industry your advert will be in.
  • Put the title of the position, the location and the salary at the top of the advertisement.

#2: Stir up interest

If your offer is weak and you don't explain it well, the applicant will lose interest.

When you get the applicant's attention, keep it.

Tell him about your company and why he should want to work for you. This is the stage where you also include requirements of the job.
There are two more guidelines you can use to make your job advert to stand out.


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#3: Create desire

You must have an advert that makes the applicant to have a desire to work for you. This is the 'what's in it for me?' factor.

For example, do you offer growth to the applicant, financial stability and are you stable as a company?

#4: Make the candidate take action

This is where 'you close the deal'. You have his attention, desire and attention, now make him respond to your advert.

Include the closing date and the fact that people who don't meet the requirements don't have a chance.

This way, the applicant knows this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

There you have it. If you want your job advert to stand out and attract the right candidates, use these guidelines. If you want more information about these guidelines, check out the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service. It has a detailed breakdown of what you must do in each step.

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Four guidelines successful recruiters use to ensure their job ads stand out
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