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Four items to check off your list before you hold a job interview

by , 13 May 2014
We know you're in the business of making money. But if you're conducting an interview soon, you need to take time out and prepare for it properly. Some of the preparations are obvious admin tasks, the others aren't. And if you don't get it all done properly, the interview may end up being an unorganised mess. That's why you need to make sure you do these four things before every interview to guarantee success.

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The first two tasks you must do before a job interview

When you're preparing and planning to conduct an interview, you have to do a few admin things first. For example, you need to:
1. Confirm the interview with the candidate.
It's best to do this over the phone and email. The double confirmation means neither of you is going to get the time or date wrong. You also have a written copy of the agreed upon time and date just in case you need it.
2. Book a room or venue to have the interview.
Nothing looks more unprofessional than dragging your candidate around your office looking for an empty space. 
As soon as you confirm a time and date for the interview with the job candidate, book a venue for it. 
Even if you're doing a Skype interview, you must still book a quiet space.
So those are the very admin related things you need to do before the interview. You have to do this for every single interview.

But there are two more tasks you have to do for each individual interview...
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The last two tasks you must do before a job interview

3. Go through the candidates CV again.
You need to go through the CV again to find things you have question about. Look for possible red flags or problem areas which you'll need to follow up on during the interview.
4. Prepare your questions.
Preparing for an interview is very important, especially when it comes to creating questions for an interview.
These questions shouldn't be predictable copy and paste questions. They must be specific to each candidate. 
If you really want relevant information from them, you can also include tasks or create interview questionnaires for the candidate to do. 
If you make sure you've done these four things before every interview, you'll have a foolproof approach to finding the right candidate.

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Four items to check off your list before you hold a job interview
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