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Four methods you can use to assess Joe's performance during his probation period

by , 28 October 2014
So you've decided to put your new employee, Joe on probation to see if he can measure up to your standards.

Now the big question is: Do you know how to efficiently assess your new hire's performance during his probation period?

If not, here are four methods you can use...

If your new hire is on probation, use these four methods to assess his performance 

During the probation period, assess your employee's performance by using these four methods to ensure he can do the job:
Method 1: Evaluation
You must assess the quality of your employee's work. Do this by comparing it to other employee's work. Check if it's of the standard your company requires.
Method 2: Instruction
Give your employee clear instructions. If you want him to complete a task by a set time, let him know he has a deadline.

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Method 3: Training
Give your employee training. The training can be formal training or on-the-job training.
Method 4: Guidance or counselling
Provide advice on how your employee can improve.
Remember to keep a record of any steps you take during the probation period.

So what happens if after probation, your employee's performance is below standard?

If after the probation period has ended and there's still been no improvement, the Labour Court urges you to look at other alternatives before hiring him. You must investigate the reasons for the bad performance and look at other ways to remedy the situation.

Check out the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management for the exact four steps you must take if your employee's performance is below standard after his probation period.

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Four methods you can use to assess Joe's performance during his probation period
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