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Four questions about job interviews every HR manager needs to have the answers to

by , 06 May 2014
We're flooded daily with questions about job interviews. You may find yourself struggling with certain job interview questions of your own. This is why we've taken four of the top questions about job interviews and given the answers that ever HR manager needs...

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Four questions about job interviews you need the answers to

There are so many questions about job interviews which stump employers all the time. Here are the four most common interviewer questions and our answers to them:
1. Is there more than one type of job interview? 
One of our experts on Labour and HR Club says a very definite yes to that one. There are two types of job interview techniques. These are unstructured job interviews and competency job interviews. We've explained more about these here
2. Should you put candidate at ease?
This is important, because a relaxed candidate will be more open and you'll get a better idea of who they are. 
The Practical Guide to Human Resources for Managers says the best way to do this is to create a rapport with the candidate. We've explained how to do here.
Read on for the other two questions and their must have answers...
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Two more job interview questions you'll want to see the answers for

3. Who should be on your interview panel?
Now firstly, we think you should only use this approach for hire head positions such as managers because a panel can be very daunting for a candidate. But if you're going to have a panel you should include:
- Panel chairperson/lead interviewer;
- Member who'll contribute to the interview by asking either designated questions or those in his field of expertise;
- A representative from human resources; and 
- An external expert.
For more information on putting together an interview panel you can read more about it here.
4. Can you ask if a candidate has a criminal record when conducting an interview?
We don't advise you ask this in the interview. You can do a criminal background check on a possible candidate before the interview though. This we strongly recommend because according to Labour Law for Managers one out of every six applicant have criminal records.
Keep these answers in mind next time you're conducting interviews. They'll help you avoid a lot of grief and unhappiness.

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Four questions about job interviews every HR manager needs to have the answers to
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