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Four rules to draft a job advert that attracts the best candidates

by , 28 January 2015
When recruiting, the last thing you want is to be flooded with CVs from candidates who don't meet your requirements. This wastes your time.

So how can you avoid it?

Simply write a good job advert with all the right elements. It will help you attract the best candidates and discourage those who don't fit your criteria.

Read on to find the four rules you must follow when doing this...

Your job advert will help you attract the best candidates if you follow these four rules

Rule #1: Cleary explain the position
You must explain all the aspects of the job. This way, it's clear what type of person you want and what they'll do.
That's why we always stress the importance of having a job description before you even think of putting a job ad together.
It comes in handy when you draft your job advertisement.
So, to clearly explain the position, include the key performance areas from your job description, duties and any other aspects of the job.
Rule #2: Be specific about the type of skills and experience applicants need to do the job
If you don't spell out the minimum skills and experience applicants need to do the job, you won't get the candidates you want to attract.
If, for example, you deal with search engine optimisation content (SEO) and want to hire a writer, you can say, 'Must have two years' experience in journalism, news editing experience in a fast, multimedia environment. As well as the following skills:
  • Excellent English – written and spoken
  • Knowledge of SEO
  • Proven copy editing skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Proficiency in relevant computer software packages and applications
  • Ability to work under pressure and adhere to real-time deadlines
  • Time management.'
This way, only candidates with these skills and experience will apply.

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Rule #3: Spell out the minimum qualification the person you want must have
Using the above example, you can say, 'Must have a BA Degree in languages, a Journalism Degree or Diploma or related profession from a recognised tertiary institution.'
Remember, when you say applicants must have a certain minimum qualification, make sure the successful applicant couldn't do the job without it. Otherwise, you run the risk of applicants accusing you of unfair discrimination, says the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service.

Rule #4: Describe your company briefly
This will give candidates an idea of what your company does and the type of work environment you operate in.
According to yourrecruit.com, you must come up with an opening line that best describes your company.
'Stay away from [saying] 'niche', 'market leader' or 'unique' because these are buzz words that 100's of companies use to describe their organisation. And it can become quite monotonous to readers, 'says the site. Instead, briefly describe what your company does and stick to the facts.
For example, 'Fleet Street Publications (FSP) is one of South Africa's largest online and print subscription-based natural health, business-to-business and investment publishers. We're looking for SEO online writers who can write on a variety of topics for over 300,000 readers every day.'
There you have it: Following these rules will help you draft a job advert that attracts the best candidates.
Remember, 'it's far better to have five candidates with the relevant skills applying than 50 with the wrong skills,' says yourrecruit.com.
So follow these rules to draft a job advert that attracts the best candidates who meet your requirements.
PS: To discover other rules to follow when you draft your job advert, check out the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service.

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Four rules to draft a job advert that attracts the best candidates
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