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Get your external recruiting skills up to scratch ...

by , 16 January 2013
Online is the way to go when recruiting in 2013. But it can be a daunting task as there are so many choices when it comes to personalised recruitment software and job posting sites, letting you target candidates with the exact skills set you're looking for. Avoid this confusing by sticking to tried and tested external recruitment methods.

Lia Marus of HR Pulse recently discovered what's advertised as 'free trial' recruitment software on professional business networking sites isn't always free – be wary if you're asked to type in your credit card details or to 'update your account to premium' when the special offer you're looking at promises there's no cost involved.
Another disadvantage of 'internet-based' recruitment is that candidates apply for multiple jobs by clicking the button  'just to see what happens', so they don't necessarily have the required skill set or experience you're looking for.
Here are 4 other external recruitment options that will give you more control over the process:
1. Get the candidates' applications directly
Applicants can email their CVs directly to the HR department, or deliver them at reception.
2.    Ask employees for referrals
When employees recommend applicants for a job, they put their own reputations at risk as the applicant will be seen as a reflection of them.
But you still need to make sure you're objective when recruiting from referrals, and establish nepotism policies to avoid unfairness and favouritism in the workplace.
3.    Recruit graduates on campus
A great way of identifying suitable candidates from campuses is to get their educators involved in the process.
4. Get a recruitment agency to do the hard work for you
Recruitment agencies reduce the time it takes to screen all CVs that come through, but this is a pricey option. To simplify the process, you'll need to give the agency a job description or clear brief of the position you're hoping to fill as well as the skills and qualities of your ideal candidate.
Now you can slash your recruitment costs by 45% with our Job Descriptions Toolkit. You really can create fully customised job descriptions in as little as 5 minutes! Here's how.

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Get your external recruiting skills up to scratch ...
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