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Good HR managers do this ONE thing when conducting a job interview to ensure they hire the right person

by , 02 May 2014
When conducting an interview, you may struggle to get what you really want out of a candidate. This could lead to misinformation or getting the wrong idea about a candidate. If you hired someone based on that, you may end up with a big problem. But there's one thing all good HR managers know about job interviews that stop this from happening. Find out what it is and make sure you always hire the right candidate...

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Conduct a job interview the right way and get the right candidate

When conducting an interview, you really want to get to know the candidate. You want them to be honest and open so you can see if they'll be a good fit in your company. 
This is difficult to do when they're nervous and edgy. So you need to put them at ease. 
This is why all good HR managers do their best to form a good rapport with potential candidates. It's the simplest thing you can do, but will make a biggest difference in really having a good interview.
So how do you create this good rapport when conducting interviews?
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How to form a good rapport when conducting an interview

Creating a good rapport doesn't mean being buddy-buddy with the candidate. All you need to do is clearly set the boundaries and create a comfortable interview environment.
The Practical Guide to Human Resources for Managers outlines some useful tips to doing this:
- Introduce yourself and shake hands
- Smile and be friendly
- Maintain eye contact, control your body language and keep the tone of your voice friendly
- Set the boundaries by explaining how the job interview questions will work 
- Let the candidate know more about the position and contract of employment
- Listen, pay attention and be genuinely interested in what the candidate says
We've also advised that you only have an interview panel for key positions. For smaller positions, this approach would just make your candidate feel nervous and on edge. It is important to have an interview panel though for a high up positions where choosing the wrong candidate could spell disaster.
If you follow this interview tip, you'll have that rapport that all good HR managers use to find their perfect candidate.

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Good HR managers do this ONE thing when conducting a job interview to ensure they hire the right person
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