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Have you included the following in your employee's fixed-term contract?

by , 04 November 2013
If you think you have fewer legal obligations when it comes to temporary or fixed-term employees, you're mistaken. Make sure have a contract with them and that it's clear so you have a water-tight agreement. Here's what to include...

You must ensure you have a clear, concise employment contract with all your temporary and fixed-term employees.

How do you do this?

The Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service recommends you use this checklist below so you don't create expectations of permanent employment when this isn't what you had in mind.

Ensure your fixed-term contracts have the following details

  • The full name and address of the employer.
  • The name and occupation of your employee. Include a brief job description of the work you're employing him to do.
  • The place of work.
  • An indication of the different places you might need or permit your employee to work.
  • The date of employment.
  • Your employee's ordinary days of work.
  • Your employee's ordinary hours of work.
  • Your employee's wage or the rate and method you'll calculate his wages.
  • The rate for overtime pay.
  • Any cash payments your employee's entitled to.
  • Any payment in kind your employee's entitled to.
  • The value of any payment in kind.
  • How often you'll pay your employee.
  • The day of the month you'll pay your employee.
  • Any deductions you'll make from your employee's pay.
  • The leave he's entitled to.
  • A probation period (if you need time to assess his suitability for the job).
  • The notice period required to terminate the agreement (if early termination of the fixed period is an option).
  • If employment is for a fixed-term, include the date when employment will terminate.
  • A description of any bargaining council or sectoral determination which covers your business.
  • Any position within your company that counts towards the employee's fixed term.
  • Consent to monitoring and interception of performance.
  • The right to move the employee from one workplace to another, according to your needs (including your own or other business unit).
  • List of undertakings by your employee (confidentiality, conflict of interest, provide copies of qualifications and income tax details).
  • Protection of intellectual property rights.
  • Permission from your employee to be searched in a realistic manner.
  • A list of other documents that form part of the employment contract (disciplinary code and grievance policy). State the place you'll keep the documents so your employee has access to a copy of each.

In addition to including these details in your employee's fixed term contracts, be sure to avoid these five mistakes when dealing with fixed-term contracts.

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