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Here's how a fair and legal recruitment policy can help you avoid the CCMA

by , 21 May 2014
Your company is growing. That means new recruitment is your top priority. And with more interviews and recruitment comes the need for a bullet-proof recruitment policy.

If your recruitment policy has big holes in it, you could land yourself at the CCMA before you know it.
But how do you create a recruitment policy that'll do its job and protect you from the CCMA?

Cover these five points in your recruitment policy, so it's to compliant and help you dodge the CCMA.

The A-Z of legal recruitment
Did you know there are 11 legal requirements for recruitment?
Do you know how the Employment Equity Act affects your job advertisement?
Do you know what checks you can legally conduct on an applicant?
Are you sure your employment contract includes the 16 clauses the law says you must have?

What your recruitment policy should do

The Practical Guide to Human Resources for Managers says your recruitment policy must outline the rules of how you recruit. It should cover issues such as:
Who has the authority to recruit new employees;
Which job candidates you wouldn't employ, such as family of current employees;
Your policy on internal vs. external recruitment;
Your policy on employment equity; and
Which recruitment company you prefer to use.
You can use this to help you control your recruitment strategy. It also helps you choose the right candidates and ensure your hiring process is legal.
A legally compliant hiring process is vital and you should do these five things to make sure it is.
Will your company's HR Policies and Procedures hold up in court?
Don't wait for a CCMA dispute to discover your company doesn't have a leg to stand on! 
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Five things you should do to ensure your recruitment policy is legal

To make sure your recruitment policy is legal you must:
- Never discriminate in your recruitment policy;
- Keep your recruitment in line with your employment equity plan;
- Keep all your application forms standard to get the same information from all candidates;
- Keep copies of all the documents that relate to the recruiting process for at least one year; and
- Only use background checks to verify information in a candidates CV.
We talked about the seriousness of unfair discrimination during job recruitment. Follow these steps to ensure your company isn't guilty of unfair discrimination and your recruitment policy is fair and legal.

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Here's how a fair and legal recruitment policy can help you avoid the CCMA
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