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Here's how to design your office to attract the best talent

by , 30 May 2014
Believe it or not, the way you design your office plays a major role when you recruit.

In fact, HR Pulse says the office has become more than just a single workspace; it's now a palette of places and shared experiences. As a result, a company's success is in part, largely determined by the quality of the workspace it provides and how seamlessly it allows workers to connect and collaborate.

So how do you go about designing an office that'll help attract winning employees?

We recommend you use these three expert tips to do just that.


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Three tips to help you design an office that'll attract top employees

#1: Create a socially conscious work environment

According to Linda Trim, the Marketing Director of Giant Leap, today's youth is very conscious about the environment and this is central to their daily lives. From the organic food they buy to the hybrid cars they drive, they're all about the environment.

When choosing a company to work for, many young professionals look at the environmental message they're sending out and its carbon footprint, writes Trim on HR Pulse.

As a result, to attract these workers, you must align your company with an environmental mission. For example, put a great Corporate Social Investment (CSI) project in place so you can give back to the community and your employees.

#2: Reflect a work/life balance

Today's working world is incredibly fast paced and most people battle to find a suitable balance.

So to attract the best talent, offer flexibility and various spaces that don't only relate to work.

You can, for example, have a gym at the office, offer coaching services or create various zones to work in at your office so employees don't feel stifled by their environment.

This last tip is crucial. You can't afford to overlook it.


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#3: Match the type of work being done with the office it's done in

The office needs to provide zones or workspaces that match the type of work employees do.

For example, if employees work with in-depth contracts or legal documents, they need spaces where they can concentrate. If they participate in long strategy sessions, they need inspiring 'think tank' rooms.

The bottom line: According to experts behind the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management, top employees are picky about where they want to work. This means you may have to look a designing your office a little differently to attract them.

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Here's how to design your office to attract the best talent
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