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Here's what to include in a handover document when a key employee resigns

by , 21 February 2013
When a key employee resigns, it can lead to panic. After all, you need to start recruiting to replace the employee as soon as possible to prevent the resignation from affecting company productivity. There've been a number of high profile resignations this past month - if this happens to your company, here's what you need to ensure your employees handover document and handover process includes to ensure the new successor fits into his role smoothly.

BHP Billiton's profits have plunged – now CEO Marius Kloppers has resigned.
Kloppers will leave in May, after nearly six years at the helm, says Fin24.
He'll be replaced by Andrew Mackenzie, whose appointment has been described by the industry as 'very aggressive from a timing point-of-view'.
When key employees resign, you not only need to replace them, you need to ensure they're working at full speed very quickly so productivity doesn't suffer.
That's why in addition to a succession plan for each position in your company, you need to make sure you have a workforce plan in place.
This way, there'll be logical successors to key positions within the company and you'll know which skills to look for if you're hiring externally, says the Labour Bulletin.
But the employee replacement process doesn't ends there.
You still need to make sure there's a clear handover procedure in place so that the successor fits into his new role smoothly.
Here's how to make sure you have an effective handover process in place
Once you accept your employee's resignation, you need to take action to make sure his leaving's as smooth as possible and avoid disruption to your business and other employees, explains Taryn Strugnell in the Labour Bulletin.
Remember to get written confirmation of his resignation and note the date. This'll help avoid disputes over the date of the resignation and the notice period given, and you'll be able to plan for a smooth handover of his key tasks and responsibilities.
Make sure all of these tasks, responsibilities and current projects are clearly detailed in a handover document.
If your new employee asks a question, it's probably a sign that there's information missing from the handover document.
That's why it's best for the new employee to take over the role while the resigned employee still works at your company, so you can start 'pair programming', which where they sit together so that the new employee can watch exactly how a task is done, says MSMVPS.
Incorporate these aspects into your handover process and your new employee will soon be up to speed.

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Here's what to include in a handover document when a key employee resigns
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