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Here's why it's a good idea to send your new hire a welcome letter

by , 23 October 2014
You've heard the saying: 'It's the little things you do that matter.'

This saying fits perfectly when it comes to recruitment.

When you've found the right candidate after a long search and he's accepted your offer, it's a good idea to send him a welcome letter.

Keep reading to find out why...

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Three reasons it's a good idea to send your new employee a welcome letter

According to Human Resources Expert, Susan M. Heathfield, sending your new hire a welcome letter accomplishes three goals:
1. It reinforces your commitment to and satisfaction with your choice of employee and makes him feel valued.
Every new employee wants to feel welcomed and wanted by their new employer. So when you send a welcome letter, it enhances their expectation of their ability to succeed in their new job.
2. It reiterates the start date, start time, business dress code and other details that the new employee needs to know. The welcome letter also confirms what he's expected to do on the first day of employment. This saves him from feeling insecure and avoids misunderstandings.
3. It sends the message that you're a class act employer. You're organised, trustworthy, welcoming and prepared.

Who should send a welcome letter?

According to Heathfield, the supervisor of the position should always send a new employee a welcome letter to encourage a successful reporting relationship from the start.
Heathfield adds, the letter is a prime opportunity to welcome your new employee in a memorable and remarkable manner. So don't miss the opportunity to continue making a favourable first impression.
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Here's why it's a good idea to send your new hire a welcome letter
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