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How long should your job interview be?

by , 22 October 2014
The purpose of a job interview is to determine three things about the applicant:

• Does he have the ability to perform the job?
• Will he be motivated to be successful?
• Will he match the needs of your company?

Once you've created a short list of candidates by assessing their applications against your job requirements and choosing candidates that fit the brief the best, you're ready to start interviewing.

But how long should your job interview be?

Read on to find out so you can conduct interviews effectively.

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Here's how long your interview must be

Generally, a first interview should take approximately 30 minutes. If you include competency-based questions, the interview should take approximately an hour.
Overall, it's fair to give the applicant, as well as yourself, enough time to get all the information you require. Often spending a bit longer gathers more information and saves third and fourth interviews when possibly only two would have been necessary.

Now that you know how long your job interview should be, make sure you do your homework

The Managing Editor of Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service, Taryn Strugnell, says you should know as much as possible about the applicant.
She adds, 'Make sure you've read the application and CV. Look the candidate up on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for a sneak peek into what he's like after hours. Check references before the interview, this way you won't waste time interviewing someone who you don't think is suitable.'
Knowing how long your job interview should be will go a long way towards ensuring you conduct interviews effectively.
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