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How to assess CVs in 30 seconds to reduce your recruitment time and costs

by , 04 March 2015
I'm sure this scenario looks familiar: You receive a new hiring request from your CEO, you have to find the right person fast. You place a job ad but you don't expect to receive hundreds of irrelevant CVs. In the majority of cases 98 out of a 100 applications are not the right one, they don't have the correct work experience, qualifications or competencies. So you find yourself spending hours of your valuable time wading through all of them, trying to weed out the two of value to you, if you're lucky enough to find them at all.

But here's something that might make your work a lot less time and costs consuming. If you have a clear job description your entire recruitment process is sped up and made easier.

Based on your detailed job description you can create recruitment ads in mere minutes. The steps are very simple. Just list the qualifications, experience and competencies from your job description and you're guaranteed your ad specifies your exact requirements. By doing this the quality of your CVs will increase and it'll save you hours upon hours of CV searching.  
Here's how it does it…
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Cut your recruitment time in half
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Here's how…


Once you have a job description, review all candidate CVS against it to cut your recruitment time dramatically. Every job description should contain a list of Qualifications, Experience and Competencies needed for each job you need to fill. To speed up the tedious process of reviewing CVs, you only have to this: Open the CV and answer this question critical question:
Does the candidate's qualifications and work experience match my job description?

If not, move onto the next CV. 

I guarantee you that if your candidates don't meet the job description requirements they won't be able to do the job. So, you see, now you can assess CVs in 30 seconds Flat.

Keep in mind that you will be saving a lot of time interviewing too. Interviews and assessments can take days. So if you've already eliminated the irrelevant CVs from your pool of applications, you'll only have to interview the best candidates.

And there you have it. You've just reduced your recruitment time by a whole day… All by just using exact job descriptions!

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How to assess CVs in 30 seconds to reduce your recruitment time and costs
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