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How to prevent Christopher from taking you to the CCMA

by , 08 October 2014
Christopher Smith has applied for a position in your company. It was advertised in a career website. He has all the skills and experience required for the job.

A few weeks after the closing date, he calls your company to follow up on the position. You tell him he would have been the perfect candidate but you're only hiring people from designated groups. That is African, Coloured, Indian and people with disabilities.

Christopher is upset because this element wasn't mentioned in your job advert. Can he take you to the CCMA?

Keep reading to find the answer...

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Yes, Christopher can take you the CCMA
If you're only hiring people who're from designated groups, and you've stated this in your employment equity plan, you must include this in your job ad. At the top of your ad, you must state 'Affirmative Action position' or at the end of your ad, insert a phrase such as: 'The organisation is an equal-opportunity  employer; however, preference will be given to Affirmative Action applicants'.

Do this so the candidates who do not fit the specific requirements don't waste time applying for the job. This will also help you get the right candidates for the right job.

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How to prevent Christopher from taking you to the CCMA
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