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If you use Twitter as a recruiting tool, don't make these three common mistakes

by , 23 October 2014
Twitter has taken South Africa by storm.

Statistics released by World Wide Worx and Fuseware late last year found that there are 5.5 million active Twitter users in SA.

Innovative employers are capitalising on this. They're using Twitter as a recruitment tool in their quest to find the best candidates out there.

If you're one of these employers, we applaud you for taking advantage of social media. But, we'd also like to warn you to avoid making these three common mistakes when looking for candidates on Twitter...

Avoid these three mistakes if you use Twitter as a recruiting tool

Mistake #1: Not reaching your target market
Before you jump, gung-ho, into the Twitter recruiting deep end, make sure your target applicant pool is actually on the micro-messaging service in the first place, says capterra.com.
Ask yourself this question: Is my target candidate tech-savvy? If so, they're likely to be on Twitter. If not, you may have more success with other social networks, or sticking with good old-fashioned offline recruiting.
Even if your perfect applicant is on Twitter, ask yourself if you're actually reaching them.
If you're guilty of the following, you aren't reaching your target market:
  • Your Tweets are protected;
  • Your profile isn't designed to appeal to your target demographic;
  • You don't have followers; and
  • You aren't using the right hashtags to make it easier for people to find your tweets.

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Mistake #2: Using default profile pictures
This may seem trivial, but people judge books by their covers and they will judge you based on your profile picture.
According to capterra.com, Twitter's default profile picture is a big, bald egg. It screams 'I am new to Twitter and to social media and I am naive and inexperienced.'

Pick a profile picture that shows who you are as a company so candidates won't have a problem identifying you. Your company logo, for example, may be perfect for this.
Mistake #3: Only tweeting job postings
Don't be a spammer, no one likes them.
Not only will an unrelenting stream of job posts cause your followers to flee, it will undermine the main advantage of recruiting through social media: The social part, says the site.
Instead, use Twitter to engage your target audience and create relationships.
Ask them questions, post industry news, link to videos that show things about your company culture. Remember, social media users like to know there's a real person behind the corporate social media account.
Twitter is a great recruitment tool. Don't miss out on the benefits by committing these mistakes.
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If you use Twitter as a recruiting tool, don't make these three common mistakes
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