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If you want competency-based interviews to work for you, use these five expert tips

by , 29 May 2014
Competency-based interviews are very useful if you want to find out if the candidate has the abilities to do the job.

But, like everything else, you have to put in some effort to get the most from competency-based interviews.

How do you do this?

Use these five tips to make competency-based interviews work for you when recruiting.


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If you don't have all of these aspects correct, you'll be on the wrong side of the law when it comes to your recruitment process.


Five competency-based interview tips you need to include in your recruitment strategy

Competency-based interviews are based on the premise that past behaviour predicts future behaviour. And its this that makes them a very good model to follow, writes Belinda Gentle on HR Pulse.

Gentle, who has 14 years of recruitment experience, says that since competency-based interviews involve, among others, assessing job fit, you must focus on only a few of the areas critical to job success.

She says 'failure to determine job fit and organisational fit can lead to poor performance and the candidate eventually leaving your company.'

Since this sounds easier said than done, Gentle recommends you use these five tips when doing competency-based interviews:

  1. During the interview, always give the candidate the opportunity to ask questions.
  2. End the interview and explain the next steps in the selection process.
  3. Thank the candidate for a productive interview.
  4. After the interview, evaluate the answers and the behaviours you require in the particular job.
  5. Make a decision and give the candidate feedback.

Experts at the Labour & HR Club also have something to say about competency-based interviews...


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Competency-based interview questions are crucial when it comes to competency-based interviews

According to the experts, when you conduct competency-based interviews, you need to have competency-based questions.

They recommend you check out Recruitment: The Complete Guide to get the full list of competency based questions you need to ask.

There you have it. We hope these competency-based interview tips will help you conduct your interviews effectively.

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If you want competency-based interviews to work for you, use these five expert tips
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