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Never ask an applicant these three questions during a job interview

by , 14 May 2014
If you think you can ask a job applicant any question you want to, you're wrong!

There are three questions you must never ask.

The reason? They're discriminatory. And this means you could face discrimination claims.

Don't take that risk. Never ask candidates these three questions when conducting interviews.

Three questions you can NOT ask when you conduct job interviews

Interview question #1: Are you disabled?

The Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service says 'you can't ask questions during job interviews that elicit information about a disability, unless not having any disability is an inherent requirement of the job.'

Instead of asking this question, explain the job description to the applicant and include essential functions of the position.

Your focus must be on how a candidate will do the job rather than if he has a disability.

That's not all regarding interview questions. Keep reading to find out more.


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Interview question #2: Are you close to retirement?

You're within your rights to consider the candidates' experience, but you can't take age as a determining factor. The exception is if there's a legal minimum, such as a position for serving alcohol.

There's one more question you shouldn't ask in an interview. If you cross this line you WILL be breaking the constitution and various labour laws…


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Interview question #3: What's the origin of your last name?

You're not allowed to discriminate on the basis of race unless it's justified.

Instead of asking about the origin of a candidates' last name, ask: 'If offered this position, could you provide verification of your right to work in South Africa? Do you speak languages other than English that might be helpful in performing this job?'

There you have it. Never ask these three questions when you conduct an interview. If you do, you're opening the door to endless discrimination claims.

What's more…You could lose your case and this means you'll pay thousands in compensation. Are you prepared to take that risk?


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Never ask an applicant these three questions during a job interview
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