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"May I have a cup of coffee? I think I may still be a little drunk from last night."

by , 28 May 2014
Believe it or not, this is actually something a candidate said during an interview! And while interviewing and finding the perfect candidate is serious business, I thought I'd share some of the less serious answers people have given to some of the most commonly asked interview questions.

Keep reading to find out the actual answers candidates have given…

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Top 12 questions asked in an interview… And their answers
1) Tell us about a problem you had with a co-worker and how you resolved it
"The resolution was we were both fired'
2) What are your hobbies and interests?
[He said] "Well, as you can see, I'm a young, virile man and I'm single - if you ladies know what I'm saying." Then he looked at one of the fair-haired board members and said, "I particularly like blondes."
3) Why should we hire you?
"I would be a great asset to the events team because I party all the time." 
4) Do you have any questions?
"Cross dressing isn't a problem is it?" 
"Can we wrap this up fairly quickly? I have someplace I have to go." 
"What is your company's policy on Monday absences?" 
"If this doesn't work out can I call you to go out sometime?" 
"If I get an offer, how long do I have before I have to take the drug test?" 
5) Why are you leaving your current job?
"I was fired from my last job because they were forcing me to attend anger management classes."
6) Why do you want to work for us?
"My old boss didn't like me, so one day, I just left and never came back. And here I am!" 
Keep reading for the next six...

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7) What are your assets? (as in strengths)
"Well, I do own a bike." 
8) What are your weaknesses?
"I get angry easily and I went to jail for domestic violence. But I won't get mad at you."
"I'm really not a big learner. You know some people love learning and are always picking up new things, but that's just not me. I'd much rather work at a place where the job is pretty stagnant and doesn't change a lot." 
9) When have you demonstrated leadership skills?
"Well my best example would be in the world of online video gaming. I pretty much run the show; it takes a lot to do that." 
10) Is there anything else I should know about you?
"You should probably know I mud wrestle on the weekends." 
11) Tell of a time you made a mistake and how you dealt with it
"I stole some equipment from my old job, and I had to pay for its replacement."
12) Have you submitted your notice to your current employer?
"What is notice? I've never quit a job before, I've always been fired."
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