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Recruitment has changed drastically. What should you know as an employer?

by , 02 March 2015
As a company, innovation and adaption are two important keys of survival. And that's true when it comes to recruiting.

Read on to discover how to recruit the best people using the latest recruiting methods.

When we talk about a traditional way of recruiting, we're referring to the well-known pattern of placing an ad, doing a job interview and later about the system companies would use to head-hunt to ensure you have the best professionals in your team. Today, we have to readjust what we knew and applied in this field of recruiment.

Why? Because the old system is no longer working.

The system is viewed as a relationship between the merchandise (the candidates) and the sales persons (the experts who have the task of recruiting).

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How do you switch to a new system of recruitment? How do you upgrade and make sure you have the best professionals for your company?

Recruiters shouldn't be picked from an agency where they can't have possibly achieved the necessary knowledge from all the fields they are supposed to look for new recruits.

In this case, returning to internal recruitment is the solution. But if you want to work with an agency, then make sure the head-hunter or the recruiter owns enough knowledge in the field or is certified.

You can also organise conferences and search for the new candidates amongst the participants who will prove interest in the field, the knowledge, the company and in improving themselves.

Don't fear the idea of an exam. Test your candidates and remember that you have the opportunity of choice before you hire someone.

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Recruitment has changed drastically. What should you know as an employer?
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