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Seven work experience questions to ask at every job interview

by , 09 May 2014
Do you find you're struggling to understand your candidates work experience or employment history? Maybe you're asking the wrong question, so you're getting the wrong information. This means you walk out of an interview knowing as much relevant information about the candidate as you did going in. The solution? Use these seven questions when conducting an interview to get the real relevant information out of your candidate.

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Interview questions to ask candidates about their work experience and employment history

When it comes to knowing what work your candidate has done, you need to ask the right questions. This means nothing that can result in a vague and pointless answer. That will just be a waste of time. 
Instead, use some of these questions for an interview to get specific and relevant information.
1. What was the first work position you had and when?
2. What was the job title?
3. What areas of work was the position based in?
4. Tell me about a day in that job?
5. What things did you like or dislike about that position?
6. What was your real reason for leaving that job?
7. What has been your greatest work accomplishment?
The Practical Guide for Human Resources for Managers suggests you ask each of the questions for each position the candidate mentions. 
This may however be very time consuming. Rather make general queries about early work history, but then focus on the most recent potions.  
But why is it so important to get truthful and relevant information about a candidates work history?
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Why you need look at work history questions asked at an interview

In a question asked on Labour and HR Club someone asked how he could dismiss someone who they'd just hired. 
When the employee was interviewed she misrepresented herself. She didn't disclose that her previous employer fired her because she'd been involved in fraudulent activities.
This is why relevant information about work history is so important when conducting interviews. 
Combine these recruiter interview questions with a full background check and contact the candidate's references before offering them job. This way you can be sure of what kind of person you're hiring.

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Seven work experience questions to ask at every job interview
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