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Stop outsourcing your job descriptions! Write your own using these four steps

by , 26 January 2015
Every employee needs to have a job description when they start working for you. This is a legal requirement.

While some companies outsource an external consultant to write legally compliant job descriptions for them, you really don't have to.

Today I'll show you how you can write job descriptions correctly, without paying a consultant or worrying about non-compliance.

Keep reading below to see these four steps...

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If you or your department managers write job descriptions, make sure you follow these steps

Step #1: First get training on how to analyse jobs.

Step #2: Get an appropriate format for the job description. This is to make sure there's a standard set of job information for all jobs in your company.

Step #3: Give each staff member a chance to give their input into their job description before you finalise them.

Step #4: Make sure staff members accept and acknowledge their job descriptions. They can sign off on the job description document.

This approach works very well when you're experienced in your field. You must be well-versed in not only job components, but also in identifying critical job elements.

Refer to the  Job Descriptions Toolbox for guidelines and templates of how to create your own legally compliant job descriptions, without paying a consultant. If you don't have a copy yet, click here

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Stop outsourcing your job descriptions! Write your own using these four steps
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