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The BCEA requires you keep five documents regarding your new hire

by , 29 October 2014
You must comply with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) when recruiting.

To do this, you must keep five documents regarding your new hire.

Read on to find out what these documents are so you can comply with the BCEA and avoid harsh penalties.

To comply with the BCEA, make sure you keep these five documents about your new employee

According to Section 31 of the BCEA, you must keep a record of at least the following details about your employees:
  1. Your employee's name and occupation;
  1. The time he has to work;
  1. The remuneration you'll pay him;
  1. The date of birth if your employee is under the age of 18; and
  1. Any other prescribed information required by your company's policies and procedures.
You must keep these records for a period of three years after employment has terminated.
That's not all.

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Here are other essential documents you must keep about your new hire

The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management says it's essential you also keep the following on file, even though they aren't specifically mentioned in the BCEA:
  • Application for employment form;
  • Employee CV;
  • A copy of your employee's ID;
  • A copy of your employee's driver's licence;
  • Any notes from your interview;
  • The offer of employment; and
  • Employee contact telephone numbers, address and next of kin.
Having a personnel file that contains these records regarding your new hire is crucial.
When employees have the opportunity to be promoted in a company, the personnel file acts as a record regarding the length of service of the employment relationship, as well as the achievements, qualifications and other information that will provide further information regarding the employee. So keep as many details on file as possible.
Now that you know about these records, keep them so you can comply with the BCEA.
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The BCEA requires you keep five documents regarding your new hire
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