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The crucial labour law lesson you can learn from the N12 truck driver disaster

by , 30 October 2014
On 15 October 2014, truck driver, Isaac Maruding, was arrested. This after his truck ploughed into 48 vehicles in early morning traffic on October 14 on the N12 East in Alberton.

The latest development is that, on Monday, Maruding was released on R7 000 bail. His case will return to court on November 12 and he's indicated that he'll plead not guilty to the three culpable homicide charges against him.

It's also emerged that Maruding has a record of reckless and negligent driving.

While it's still early days, important labour law lessons are already coming out from this case.

Here's what you can learn...

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The N12 truck driver disaster should teach you the importance of doing thorough background checks

According to Jenny Reid, the owner of iFacts, a company that helps business owners create an honest, loyal and productive workforce, a background check could mean the difference between life and death.
Reid says while it's true that human behaviour is the cause of most road accidents, the fact remains that these incidents are avoidable.
'The importance of proficient employee checks and driver licence verifications can't be overstated. In a case such as this, it can essentially mean the difference between life and death,' she says.
Reid goes on to say, the N12 truck driver's employer could have done more to find out if he was suitable for the position in the first place.
She adds, 'employers have a legal duty to make reasonable inquiries about who they hire and to provide a safe workplace for all.'
Let this ongoing case be a lesson to you! Make sure you conduct thorough background checks every time you hire employees.

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The crucial labour law lesson you can learn from the N12 truck driver disaster
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