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The six dos and don'ts of writing a job advertisement

by , 05 February 2015
When you write your job advertisement, there are things you should and shouldn't do. It's important you know what they are. This way, you can create a great ad that draws in the candidates you want while still complying with labour law.

Take a look at the six dos and don'ts of writing a job advertisement below...

When you write a job ad, avoid the following

1. Don't use language that discriminates against job applicants
Experts at the Labour & HR Club say when you write your job advert don't say things like:
  • Not suitable for married individuals;
  • Only single people need apply;
  • Only Christian individuals; or
  • Young females, etc.
If you do this, you'll be going against the EE Act and the DoL could fine you for it. What's more, applicants could accuse you of unfair discrimination and take you to the CCMA.
2. Don't write 'Affirmative Action' or 'EE position' on your job ad unless you have specific targets in your company's employment equity plan
'If you don't have an employment equity plan, someone from a non-designated group may challenge this clause by lodging a case of unfair discrimination against you,' warn the experts at the Club.
3. Don't recycle
If you're recruiting for an existing role, the easiest option is to re-use the last advert that was successful.
Although tempting, you must avoid this, says Sarah Mandeville, a recruitment manager at Gekko.
The job and the industry change all the time. Instead, start from scratch to create a brand new job advertisement that's fresh and up to date, she advises.

Now take a look at what you should do when writing a job advertisement…
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Here's what you MUST do when you write a job advertisement

4. Cut out the fat
'The average job seeker spends fewer than 30 seconds reviewing a job advert,' says thehiringsite.careerbuilder.com.
While it's important for candidates to understand the role and what you expect, you must be brief if you want to capture their attention. Only highlight the most important and unique pieces of information, says the site.
5. Set clear expectations
If you don't set clear expectations, chances are the candidates you want won't apply. In the end, you'll be stuck with unsuitable candidates.
'Setting clear expectations with candidates from the beginning will get a better fit in the end,' says thehiringsite.careerbuilder.com.
6. Choose relevant job titles and keywords
'Advertising for a 'Sales Rock Star' or 'Software Ninja' may seem like a way to stand out, but your job advert will wind up getting buried in organic searches,' says the site.
What's more, if you use titles candidates aren't familiar with, they won't apply.
Rather optimise your job titles so candidates can search easily. The right keywords will also help you optimise your job advert for search engines like Google.
Knowing what you should and shouldn't do when you write a job advertisement will help you create a great ad that draws in the candidates you want. It will also help you comply with labour law.

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The six dos and don'ts of writing a job advertisement
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