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Three common lies to watch out for on a potential employee's CV

by , 21 October 2014
The high number of unemployment in South Africa has resulted in employees lying on their CVs to get jobs.

In April this year, we reported that the CEO (Danie Strydom) of a qualification verification company called Qualification Verification Services, said there's been an increase in the number of job applicants who present prospective employers with fake CVs.

According to Strydom, 13% of qualifications they verify are fraudulent.

So what does this mean for you as an employer?

It means you have to be on the lookout for lies that employees make up on their CVs so you don't get duped.

Keep reading as we reveal to you three common lies to watch out for on a potential employee's CV.

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Be on the lookout for these three common lies on a potential employee's CV

1. An exaggerated education
We have seen a number of cases in the media of people who have lied about their qualifications.
So scrutinise a candidate's qualification by doing background checks to ensure everything is above board.
2. Skills that a candidate knows nothing about
Most candidates overstate their skills. This becomes a problem when, for example, you hire the person based on the fact that they have a particular skill, then two months down the line, the person can't deliver.
To avoid being duped, take note of the skills the candidate says he has and ask him about it during the interview. In addition, make it compulsory for candidates to do practical tests so you can verify that they have the skills stated on the CV.
3. Listing fake references

Nowadays, a lot of candidates list friends or family as references.
To avoid being duped, verify the identity of the person listed on the CV to ensure you're not talking to a candidate's friend, for example.
The bottom line: Job candidates are creative with their CVs. It's in your best interest to lookout for these lies and do thorough background checks when recruiting.
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Three common lies to watch out for on a potential employee's CV
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