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Three simple things top recruiters look for during a job interview

by , 28 May 2014
It's the little things that count when it comes to interviews.

In fact, an interview is very similar to a first date.

According to HR Pulse research shows you take between three and ten seconds to make your initial judgement of a candidate. For the rest of the time, you're validating whether or not your impressions are correct.

That's why it's crucial you look out for the little things during an interview. This will help ensure you find the perfect job candidate.

So what must you look out for?


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Want to find the right job candidate? Make sure you look for these three things during the interview

#1: Ask around to find out how polite the candidate is

Before the candidate even arrives for the job interview, he would've already spoken to employees of your company, writes industrial and organisational psychologist George Honiball in an HR Pulse article.

For example, he may have spoken to the security guards and receptionist. And it's a good idea to ask the people he spoke to if he was polite and well-spoken.

He says if the candidate wants to be a part of your company's corporate culture, he should make the effort to be seen as pleasant and approachable.

#2: Look at how the candidate holds himself

How a candidate holds himself is critical for your first impression.

Watch out for 'slouchers' and bad body language as this can signal his disinterest in getting the job.

Just remember, an interview is a two way street. That's why it's crucial you look out for this one last thing during the interview.


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#3: Look out for a candidates who participates during the interview

Although you must lead the process during the interview, Honiball says your candidate must stay in their 'slipstream'.

'It's like a dance. He mustn't stand back and watch you do your thing alone. He needs to participate in the process. He should think carefully before he answers each question and shouldn't rush."

Honiball adds "the candidate shouldn't feel uneasy about silence either and doesn't need to fill in all the gaps in speech. [So] watch out for ramblers."

If you think finding the right candidate starts when he sits down for the job interview, you're wrong. It starts from the moment he walks into your premises. So look out for the little things. They're the key to finding the perfect candidate.

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Three simple things top recruiters look for during a job interview
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