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Three top tips to identify THE right candidate

by , 08 May 2014
When it comes to doing an interview, most managers miss the best candidate and choose the second best. This is because they don't know how to spot the right candidate who has all the characteristics they want. Now second best isn't bad, but why hire a second rate employee when you could hire the best? Here are the three top tips to identify THE right candidate...

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Tips for a job interview to help you recognise the best candidate 

When you're interviewing lots of candidates it becomes difficult to spot someone amazing, from someone that's good. But for the wellbeing of your company, you really want to find someone amazing. 
 Use these three tips for a job interview to spot them:
1. Not every candidate knows how to do an interview well. This is why you should look for someone who's confident in their answers. They should also answer fluently and accurately. This shows confidence and competency. But be aware that confidence doesn't mean they're the perfect fit so you should dig a bit deeper.
2. Probe areas of concern with specific questions you can ask at the interview. The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management suggests you:
- Ask open ended question;
- Be direct and don't use leading questions; and
- Watch for long silences.
If a candidate takes a long time to answer or their answers are evasive, it's a red flag. Getting the information you want quickly shows the candidate is forthcoming and honest.
So what's the last big tip for conducting interviews?
Employment Contracts, Recruiting and Independent Contractors…
Make sure you use a legally correct recruitment procedure and updated employment contracts in your company.
There's a fine line between determining whether someone is an independent contractor or an employee. Don't get caught out. 

The best tip for conducting interviews

The best tip for conducting interviews to find the best candidate is: 
3. Prepare for the interview in detail. Preparing for an interview can really help you spot an amazing candidate. 
In your preparation, create an interview checklist by discussing what your dream candidate would be like. Take this checklist to the interview with you and as you see qualities you want, check them off.
Labour Law for Managers also recommends you write up specific interview questions about each candidate in your preparation. 
With these tips, you can tell the best candidate from the second best without any problem at all.

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Three top tips to identify THE right candidate
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