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Three ways to set your new employee up for success

by , 30 October 2014
The fact that the candidate has accepted your job offer doesn't mean you can relax.
You must come up with a plan on how to set him up for success right away, on his first day.

I'm sure you've had an experience where you were a new employee in a company and you spent the whole day languishing in your seat doing nothing because they hadn't set up everything for you or were still figuring out what to do with you.

Don't do this to your new hire. It will demotivate him and it sends a message that you're not an efficient employer.

Instead, use these three ways to set your new employee up for success on his first day.

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Use these three ways to set your new employee up for success on his first day

1. Have an induction plan ready
This plan is critical as it teaches your new employee about your company's culture and ethos and, more importantly, it outlines what you expect from him.
If you induct your employee correctly, he'll be more productive and effective quicker.
In this article, experts behind the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management explain that you must include these elements in your induction plan:

  • Company related information;
  • Department information;
  • Individual job requirements; and
  • A 'buddy system' to orientate new employees to the company.

2. Ensure logistics are ready in advance
Make sure the staff member's computer, phone and email accounts are set up and working before his first day. Have a list of passwords waiting for your employee so he can immediately log in, says intuit.com.
In addition, ensure that the workspace is clean and stocked with supplies.
3. Check in regularly

According to the site, you must check in regularly, not only to provide more detailed feedback than you'd give someone who has worked with you longer, but also to see how your employee is adjusting.
You employee will work even harder if he knows you're there to offer support.  You can do this for a few weeks or months until he's settled in well.
Setting up your new employee for success begins on his first day. Use these three ways to do this effectively so he can hit the ground running.

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Three ways to set your new employee up for success
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