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To conduct a successful interview, you first need to decide on these five things

by , 20 October 2014
You're in the middle of a recruitment process.

After assessing applications against the job requirements, you've chosen candidates that fit the brief the best. And you're ready to start interviewing.

To ensure you conduct your interviews successfully, we recommend you make a decision on these five things first...

Before we get to what you must decide on, take a look at what the interview must help you achieve

The purpose of an interview is to determine three things about the applicant:
  • Whether he has the ability to perform the job;
  • Whether he'll be motivated to be successful; and
  • If he matches the needs of your company.
Now to make to your interview successful, you first need to decide on these five things…

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Decide on these five things first to make your interview successful

  1. How many interviews you will do, for example, one or two interviews?
  1. What type of interview methods will you use?
  1. Who will do the interviewing, for example, a panel or one person?
  1. Will the candidates do a skills or knowledge test?
  1. Will you do a psychometric assessment and at what stage of the interview process?
When you've decided on these five things, don't forget about the importance of:
  • Preparing for the interview;
  • Building a comfortable interview environment;
  • Asking relevant questions during interviews,
  • Staying in control during the interview;
  • Taking good notes during the interview; and
  • Closing off the interview professionally.

The bottom line: Deciding on these five things will help ensure you conduct a successful interview.
PS: For practical advice, tools, checklists and samples that cover every single step of recruitment, check out Recruitment: The Complete Guide.

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To conduct a successful interview, you first need to decide on these five things
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