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To conduct successful and fair interviews, develop an interview questionnaire

by , 06 October 2014
There are five bases to cover for successful and fair interviews. You must:

1. Plan the interview;
2. Develop an interview questionnaire;
3. Perform non-discriminatory reference checks;
4. Asses and analyse each candidate in detail; and
5. Keep accurate records of the recruitment, interview and hiring process.

Because most employers don't do this, for the purposes of this article, we'll focus on number two: Developing an interview questionnaire.

Keep reading to find out how to develop an interview questionnaire so you can conduct successful and fair interviews.

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Here's how to develop an interview questionnaire

Preparation is key when it comes to interviews.

You must develop a standard interview questionnaire to use for all potential candidates.
You have to list a set of questions you'll ask all applicants to check if they're right for the job. Also include questions that can be adapted according to the candidates CV and abilities.
Just make sure your questionnaire doesn't contain any personal or discriminatory questions.
In addition, you must allocate the same amount of time for each candidate and ask the same questions.
Overall, the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service says, when you prepare your questions, you need to:
  1. Prioritise the competencies and behaviours relevant to the job specifications and requirements; and
  2. Develop accurate scoring criteria for the rating of your questions based on your priorities.
Here's the bottom line: You MUST develop an interview questionnaire if you want to conduct successful and fair interviews.

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To conduct successful and fair interviews, develop an interview questionnaire
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