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To create a winning job ad, make sure it contains these five elements

by , 13 October 2014
To attract the best candidates out there, you must create an effective job advertisement.

According to madgex.com, since you're in an increasingly competitive recruitment landscape, to ensure your job advert will attract the right applicants, you need to think like a marketer and write the advert as if you're selling a product or service.

How do you do this? Simple, just make sure it includes these five elements...

Here are the five elements to include in your job ad

The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management says you must use your job description to create your job advert and make sure you include these five essential elements:
1. Job title
Use the position title from your job description.
2. The job description
Use the job purpose from your job description.
Here, you must include two to three lines that clearly explain the position. You can also include the key performance areas from your job description as this will explain what you expect the person to do.
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3. Qualifications
State the minimum qualifications applicants need to have.
Note: When you say applicants must have a certain minimum qualification, make sure the successful applicant couldn't do the job without it. Sometimes, an applicant may not have the formal qualification you're looking for, but his experience may be exceptional so it won't matter that he doesn't have the required qualifications.
The Employment Equity Act says you must recognise a candidate's knowledge and experience when you consider him for a position.

4. Skills and experience
Be as specific as possible about the minimum skills and experience applicants need to do the job.
5. Affirmative Action/ Employment Equity compliance
If you're only hiring people from designated groups and this is in your employment equity plan, at the top of your job ad, state 'Affirmative Action position'. Or at the end of your ad, insert a phrase such as: 'The organisation is an equal-opportunity employer; however, preference will be given to Affirmative Action applicants'.
Including these five elements will help ensure you create a winning job ad that attracts the right candidates.
PS: For more information about job adverts and recruitment, we strongly recommend you check out Recruitment: The Complete Guide.

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To create a winning job ad, make sure it contains these five elements
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