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To improve your recruitment candidate pool, use these four tips

by , 17 October 2014
Getting people who are the right fit for your company and who can add value is a challenge.
But, it's not impossible. You just need to have the know-how.

Your starting point is improving your recruitment candidate pool.

'How do I do this?' you ask.

Use these four tips to improve your candidate pool when recruiting so you can get the best candidate out there.

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Four tips to help you improve your candidate pool when recruiting

Human Resources Expert, Susan M. Heathfield says, companies that select new employees from the candidates who walk in their door or answer an ad in the paper or online are missing the best ones.
She says, the best candidates are usually working for someone else and they may not even be looking for a new position. So to improve your candidate pool, it's best you:
Tip #1: Invest time in developing relationships with university placement offices, recruiters and executive search firms.
Tip #2: Enable current staff members to actively participate in industry professional associations and conferences where they're likely to meet candidates you may successfully woo.
Tip #3: Watch various online platforms for potential candidates who may have resumes online even if they're not currently looking.
Tip #4: Use professional association websites and magazines to advertise for professional staff.
Overall, the key, according to Heathfield, is to build your candidate pool before you need it. Use these four tips to do just that so you can find a candidate out there who'll actually add value to your company.
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To improve your recruitment candidate pool, use these four tips
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