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Use these three tips to conduct telephonic job interviews effectively

by , 13 May 2014
If you have a lot of job applicants and need to narrow the list down, you can use quick telephonic interviews to a select few you feel are right for the job. But phone interviews aren't as simple as you think. That's why we're giving you three tips to help ensure you conduct telephonic interviews effectively.


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Want to conduct telephonic interviews effectively? Use these three tips

Tip #1: Set questions before you start

The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management says you must have a list of questions to ask each candidate. And you should ask applicants the same questions so you're comparing apples with apples.

Tip #2: Take notes during the interview

Taking notes isn't only for face-to-face interviews. It applies to telephone interviews too.

With notes, you'll be able to go back and review the entire conversation instead of just the parts that happen to stick out, says mgrar.com.

The site adds that 'without notes, it's easy to find yourself leaning towards the candidates that were more charismatic on the phone, not necessarily the candidates that are the most skilled for the task.'

Here's one more tip you can use…


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Tip #3: Give the 'benefit of the doubt' when doing telephonic interviews

The reality is that some people express themselves better in person. And you need to consider this when it comes to telephonic interviews.

In fact, many candidates do better in face-to-face interviews than on phone interviews because they can see how they're doing.

'During a face-to-face interview, they can take non-verbal cues from the interviewer and are able to identify if they need to expand on a topic or be more concise. [And] That's difficult on a phone interview,' explains the site.

That's why you can miss a great candidate by judging him only on his performance on a phone interview. So if you're on the fence about a candidate, give him the benefit of the doubt and invite him to meet with you in person.

Telephonic interviews are a great tool when recruiting. So use them on your next recruitment drive and use the tips we've outlined to ensure you conduct them effectively.

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Use these three tips to conduct telephonic job interviews effectively
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