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Use these three tips to recruit the best employees for your company

by , 13 May 2013
You want to hire and keep the best employees so your business can outclass your competitors. To do this, you must identify talent and the indicators of leadership potential at any point in the human resource value chain. Here are three tips your company can use to do this...

Part of talent identification in the workplace involves identifying winning employees who can make good leaders.

In fact, 'if a talented leader leads a group in your organisation, they'll have greater job satisfaction and be more emotionally and intellectually engaged in their jobs. They will be more loyal to the brand and to the organisation and will be more likely to stick around even if more attractive offers come their way,' says the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management. These employees will also motivate others to fulfill their potential and be more productive.

The first step to identifying winning employees is to recruit the right employees to fit your company and the job right from the start. Here's how to do this…

Use these three tips to identify winning employees

Tip #1: Look at past behaviour as an indication of future performance. Past behaviour indicates future performance. Find out how the employee reacted to certain situations in the past. Ask: 'What did you do when…' not 'What would you do'. This'll 'show how he might behave in a similar situation,' says the Loose Leaf. You can do this in performance appraisals and in interviews.

Tip #2: Don't use the interview as your only selection tool. You can use various psychometric assessments to identify leadership potential, personality traits, cognitive ability and other job characteristics. You can do this using a reputable assessment agency to do paper and pencil psychometric assessments. Reputable assessment agencies include, Omnicor and SHL.

Ensure these assessments address your organisation's needs and compile an assessment portfolio to help you identify key traits of winning employees.

Tip #3: Manage performance and development. 'Use performance management to identify talent and leadership and to pinpoint critical gaps in your workforce,' says the Loose Leaf. Keep in mind that performance management should be an ongoing process throughout the year to identify the winning employees in your organisation.

When you meet with employees, try to identify those who portray the organisation's values. Try and identify if he's performing at a level of thinking that's higher than needed for his job.

Using these tips will help you hire and keep the best employees so your business can outclass the competition.

 The A-Z of legal recruitment

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Use these three tips to recruit the best employees for your company
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