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Use this checklist for a successful employee induction process

by , 20 May 2014
When you hire a new employee, you must make sure he knows how your company runs. This is an important part of your induction process to help him fit in and find his feet.

But do you know exactly which policies to include in your induction process. With so many policies and procedures to tell new employees about, you need a way to check each one off.

And that's where this handy employee induction checklist comes in...

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It would take you weeks to draw up all these forms, samples and checklists from scratch. 

Here's your perfect company information induction process checklist

The Practical Guide to Human Resources for Managers has several induction checklists to help you structure the best possible induction for new employees. This is some of the company information it says you should include in your staff induction process
- Company history and background;
- Values and goals;
- Mission statement(s);
- Company structure;
- Who's who (names, roles, responsibilities);
- Timings and induction training;
- Smoking areas and policy;
- Dress code policy;
- Basic communications overview;
- Facilities and amenities;
- Pay structure
- Absenteeism and lateness;
- Holidays/annual leave policy; and 
- Sickness and sick leave policy.
While these are only 14 of the 34 items you need to cover during your employee induction, they're the most important for the following reason… 
Your 57 assistants for new employees are on stand-by
Your office manager Jenny has resigned. You're now faced with recruiting her replacement, and compiling his job description. It's a simple copy-and-paste from Jenny's, right? Wrong! Jenny's been with company for twenty years and her employment contract didn't include half of the company policies you've implemented in recent years. 
You'll have to start at the beginning... but thankfully not from the very beginning. We have 57 assistants on stand-by, ready to help you with all your employment contracts, company policies, disciplinary procedure needs.

Here's what's so important about these 14 items in your induction process

These items are important because they affect and influence your employee's daily life in his new office.
For example, if he gets sick in the first week of working for you, he'll need to know how your sick leave policy is structured. But your long standing service award policy isn't as important for him to know about of the first day of the induction programme. 
So make sure you follow this checklist and consult your copy of the Practical Guide to Human Resources for Managers for the remaining 19 items. With this in your arsenal, you'll have a flawless induction process. 

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Use this checklist for a successful employee induction process
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