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Use this ten-point checklist you conduct a first-round job interview

by , 14 May 2014
When it comes to recruiting for a job, do you do a first and second interview? The questions you ask in a first and second interview will be very different.

It's important to remember that you shouldn't always ask direct questions in a job interview. Asking personal questions that don't relate to the job can land you in trouble.

This is a common interview mistake. That's why it's better to set job interview questions in a way that relates to the work, but still gives you the insight you want.

To make sure you get everything you need out of a first interview; use these then simple check points.

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Ten checkpoints you should cover in a first interview

To get the most out of a first interview, make sure you cover these ten checkpoints:
1. Get a sense of the kind of person the job candidate is (shy, motivated, outgoing, lazy);
2. Understand their morals and values;
3. Understand their motivations (what made them go into a certain field?);
4. Discuss education or training (how, what why and maybe where?);
5. See how the candidate feels this training prepares them for their work field;
6. Work history – strengths, weaknesses, achievement and reasons for leavings;
7. Find out what they know about your company and why they may want to work there;
8. Discuss the values, goals and work of the company to see if they'll fit in;
9. Make sure they understand the job description and duties; and
10. Discuss interview tasks or follow up interviews or contact.
If you cover these checkpoints your first interview will be successful. But can you get the carry out some of these points?
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How to get the information you need about personal qualities and values

To find out what kind of person the candidate is are what their values are, ask work related question. For example: 
'What time of day do you feel most productive?' This can show you if they're a morning person or not. 
'Do you like working on your own or in a group?' This could suggest whether they like to control things or trust others to share the work load.
If you ask question in this way and follow the checklist, you'll be well on your way to finding great candidates to do second interviews with..

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Use this ten-point checklist you conduct a first-round job interview
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