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Verify an employee's CV before you appoint him or face the consequences...

by , 12 January 2015
I'm sure you've seen the news recently of top level individuals lying on their CVs. This isn't a new thing, and your company isn't exempt from employees doing the same. It doesn't matter if it's for a junior or senior management position.

That's why it's so important to verify a candidate's CV before you appoint him. If you don't, you could face consequences that could be disastrous for your company, including financial loss.

You think I'm exaggerating?

Keep reading below to see the consequences I'm talking about and how you can avoid them...

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Exaggerating on a CV may appear harmless, but the consequences for you could be disastrous. These include:

• Serious injury to self or others caused by a worker operating machinery he's not qualified to use;

• Financial loss to the company through inappropriate or inexperienced decision-making or through deliberate attempts to defraud the organisation;

• Productivity loss due to incompetence; and

• Ongoing risk as an employee who has lied on his CV continues to use dishonest practices while he works for you.

How to avoid these?

Use pre-employment screening to investigate the background of a potential employee. Use it to verify the accuracy of an applicant's claims on his CV. You can use government institutions or their appointed agents to verify the validity of identity numbers, driver's licences, passport, etc. You can also contact tertiary institutions to verify qualifications, membership, etc.

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Verify an employee's CV before you appoint him or face the consequences...
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