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Want to hire the best candidate for the job? Use these key actions to do just that...

by , 26 September 2013
It's vital that all your hiring decisions are backed up by planning and deliberate effort. Without this crucial step, chances are you won't be able to hire the best candidate for the job. Don't take that risk. Use these key actions to ensure you get the best person for the job.

Failing to prepare your interviewers for an interview is just one of the hiring hazards that lead to poor hiring decisions. And poor hiring decisions mean you're less likely to get the best candidate.

Luckily, you can avoid mistakes like these if you stick to these key actions when recruiting.

Use these key actions to recruit the best candidate

Key action #1: Uncover the underlying motivators that drive the candidate such as status, achievement, money, success.

Key action #2: Be able to describe your organisation's drivers and success measures to the candidate.

Key action #3: Provide a detailed job profile and performance contract. This'll enable your candidate to critically assess the position being offered.

Key action #4: Provide flexible remuneration options in addition to the fixed earnings to attract top talent and motivate performance.

Key action #5: Don't over-promise on things you may not be able to deliver on later. Be cautious when discussing career development, remuneration and job outputs. Make sure you have the authority to fulfil your promises, says the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

Key action #6: Make sure the recruitment process is professional and not unreasonably long. Make offers timeously and conclude the process without unnecessary delays.

Key action #7: Involve your work team during the recruitment process. This'll expose the candidate to those he may work with in the future. It also allows your team to meet its potential colleague.

Key action #8: Provide feedback timeously, even if the candidate hasn't been successful. Your professionalism impacts positively on the reputation of your company.

Well there you have it. Taking these key actions will help ensure you recruit the best candidate for the job.

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Want to hire the best candidate for the job? Use these key actions to do just that...
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