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Want to inject new blood into your business? Here are 14 tips for hiring competent graduates

by , 19 July 2013
When you need to find candidates with a specific skill set, you can employ graduates. However, employing people who've graduated with a degree doesn't mean you have an experienced person to do the job. To help you navigate around this dilemma and get candidates who will be valuable to your company, here are 14 tips you can use when hiring graduates.

According to the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service, many employers' main concern is around the 'employability' of new graduates. And that's because while graduates have the qualifications, they may lack the business and interpersonal skills required to perform effectively.

Luckily, there are tips you can use to ensure you hire skilled graduates that'll offer your company growth.

Use these 14 tips when employing graduates in your workplace

Tip #1: Manage and coordinate the recruitment, assessment and appointment of graduates.

Tip #2: Ensure you have a budget for the programme, recruiting, hiring and training of graduates.

Tip #3: Ensure you have a well planned and measured entry level talent attraction programme supported by the right processes and development initiatives. This could include a steering committee.

Tip #4: Conduct a needs analysis to determine the exact skills you need and if graduates can fill your needs.

Tip #5: Develop a learning and development framework, methodologies, assessment and measures for your graduate trainees.

Tip #6: Develop a full marketing programme to support your recruitment drive for graduates and bursary students, including advertisements, information books fliers, posters and banners.

Tip #7: Make sure the team heading up the graduate recruitment drive performs campus visits and presentations to all South African universities to drive the recruitment and attract top students to your graduate programme.

Tip #8: Focus on students entering university with a strong foundation in mathematics and science like engineers, scientists, accountants, artisans and healthcare professionals.

Tip #9: Ensure you manage a continuous relationship management with university student offices to facilitate access to top students and other university programmes.

Tip #10: Offer bursaries and internships to students with the guarantee of permanent employment on completion of their studies.

Tip #11: Maintain your graduate and bursary student database.

Tip #12: Manage your graduate and bursary student talent pipeline.

Tip #13: Align the needs of each respective business unit according to your student pipeline.

Tip #14: Work with student recruitment agencies.

Remember, you can offer graduates (and entry-level students) vacation employment or short-term assignments to give them the experience to build the skills and confidence they need in the business world.

This gives the graduate an opportunity to test her career options while you're testing her. This saves you the cost of hiring the graduate full-time only to find they're unsuited to the position or your company. You're also able to spend more time finding the candidate who has the scarce skill with the qualification and experience you're looking for.

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Want to inject new blood into your business? Here are 14 tips for hiring competent graduates
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