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Warning: If you don't reject Thandi's job application correctly, you could face unfair discrimination claims at the CCMA

by , 16 October 2014
You might get away with rejecting your partner in a manner that some people may not consider acceptable, like sending a rude SMS, but you won't get away with doing the same thing when rejecting a job applicant.

If, for example, Thandi applies for a job in your company, but isn't successful and you don't reject her application correctly, she could take you to task for unfair discrimination.

It's true, you could land at the CCMA for something that's easily avoidable.

To ensure Thandi doesn't take you to the CCMA for unfair discrimination, here's what you must do to reject her application correctly.

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Here's how to decline Thandi's job application in a manner that won't land you at the CCMA for unfair discrimination

You must provide fair and substantiated feedback to Thandi.
Give her specific details of why she didn't make the grade, but only if she asks.
You must focus on criteria of the position itself and don't include any statements or reasons that could be seen as discriminatory.
We recommend you check out the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service for a sample letter of regret that you can use.

Besides avoiding unfair discrimination claims at the CCMA, rejecting applicant's correctly is good for your company's reputation

According to socialmediatoday.com, nowadays, job applicants freely share their experiences, good and bad, through a wide range of social platforms. And being treated poorly after applying for a job always makes for a good story and word travels fast if it's a particularly bad experience.
The site adds, it simply makes good business sense to treat job applicants in a dignified and professional fashion. Not only does it go a long way toward soothing wounded feelings, it elevates the perception of the business and creates goodwill.
There you have it: Rejecting Thandi's job application correctly won't only help you avoid unfair discrimination claims at the CCMA, it will also be good for your company's image.
PS: To ensure your recruitment process is effective and legally compliant, check out Recruitment: The Complete Guide.

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Warning: If you don't reject Thandi's job application correctly, you could face unfair discrimination claims at the CCMA
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