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When last did you see a job advert that caught your eye? So why would you use one that wouldn't attract the best employee?

by , 19 January 2016
The days of dreary newspaper job adverts are long gone.

What you include in your job adverts and where you position them are vital to attract top talent. A lot of companies are more innovative and creative in their war to get the best talent. And, of course, the job market is relying more on technology to lure quality people.

People looking for a job don't respond to non-descript, vague KPI driven adverts. Especially executives and people with rare skills. They also don't respond if you don't list salary and company benefits. Because of this, international companies are looking at new ways to advertise, like Jobgrams and Video advertising.

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What is a Jobgram?

Instead of writing a job description, it makes the advert into an infographic. At a quick glance, the applicant will see what you're looking for in picture format. This works very well for passive candidates who have a much shorter attention span than active candidates.

South Africans are still a little behind at the moment, but video advertising is something that's starting to take off now. In the beginning it takes some time to develop a description that's true to a job, and keeping it optimised for searching. With traditional adverts often getting lost in a flood of internet spam, quality positions can get lost in the mix.

This is why video ads are a way to make you stand out from the rest.

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The best way to make a video ad

A short video will help you show your vacancies in the best possible way. You can use short, interactive ads that highlight the position and your company. This allows you to give details about the job and give an insider's view too.

A few minutes of video can give so much information. More than even the most well written post. When developing your ad, keep in mind the less rehearsed the ad is, the more believable and sincere the applicant will see it as. A professional ad isn't as convincing as one that has a slightly tongue-in-cheek, home-made feel about it.

Sometimes, a normal ad just doesn't give enough space to explain the company or the position. And there aren't words to describe the work that you need someone to do. This is where videos are helpful. You can communicate what you want to about the company and position a lot easier.

Include a call to action, prompting candidates to submit their CVs.

Just remember, the key to a good advert is having enough information to encourage the person to call you wanting more. The advert needs to talk about how great the company is and the best parts about working for you.

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When last did you see a job advert that caught your eye? So why would you use one that wouldn't attract the best employee?
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