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When using a recruitment agency, do these two things to ensure everything runs smoothly

by , 21 October 2014
When recruiting, one option you have is to use a recruitment agency.

According to recruitingagency.org, a recruitment agency saves you time because it takes care of the beginning steps of the hiring process.

The site explains that in today's economy there's an increased amount of job seekers due to cutbacks in many companies. This means, if you were to post a job opening you'll receive hundreds of applications for a single position. Of the hundreds of applicants, a significant amount won't be right for the job.

This means finding the right applicants to interview will take a great amount of effort and time. But, outsourcing this responsibility to a recruiting agency with a reliable record of successful placements will save you time.

If you decide to opt for a recruitment agency, here are two things you must do to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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Don't forget to do these two things when using a recruitment agency

The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management says if you're going to use an agency, ensure you:
1. Give the agency a detailed and accurate brief of the kind of employee you're looking for.
You must give them a comprehensive job description and make sure they understand your employment equity policy and that they adhere to it when they represent your company; and
2. Have a proper contract. Your contract must, for example, include the terms of payment and the actions the agency will take if an employee is placed, but leaves during his probation period.

There you have it: Doing these two things will help ensure everything runs smoothly if you use a recruitment agency.
PS: To ensure every step of your recruitment is legal and effective, get your hands on Recruitment: The Complete Guide.

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When using a recruitment agency, do these two things to ensure everything runs smoothly
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