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Why you should use aptitude and personality tests when recruiting

by , 09 June 2015
If you want to make sure you are recruiting the best employees for your company, there are methods you can use to ensure you're choosing the right people for the job, based on their real aptitude and not on what they decide to present you during the interviews.

So many companies nowadays base their recruitment procedures on pre-employment tests, such as aptitude and personality tests. These are some of the most effective method in recruitment.

Today, we investigate why…

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There are many ways to ensure this through various test that fall in the same category of pre-employment testing.

You can have your managers be prepared for each component of the pre-employment tests – (abstract, verbal, numerical, mechanical and personality tests) or you can use the help of an external HR specialist.

These tests have gained more and more popularity so you can either send your managers to study the field or you can get an external company in to do industry and job-level specific pre-employment tests.

These pre-employment tests can include:

- Abstract test questions examples and answers

- Numerical test questions examples and answers

- Verbal test questions examples and answers

- Mechanical test questions examples and answers

- Personality test questions examples and answers

And since they are industry specific, you can find each of them containing lots of questions created for either the job or the company that's recruiting!

Note: Specialists recommend this while considering them to be ways that allow you to "measure an applicant's true capabilities and characteristics, as it's widely known that pressure and stress can drag some job seekers' test scores down," explains Psychometricinstitute.com.

So if on paper you think you've found the perfect candidate, with the right experience and the desired capabilities, you could be surprised to see that the same person didn't pass the basic pre-employment test requirements.

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Why you should use aptitude and personality tests when recruiting
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