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You haven't completed your new employee's induction process until you do this one last thing

by , 20 May 2014
You think your induction process is complete. Your new employee knows where everything is and he's met everyone he needs to. He's signed everything, dotted all his 'i's and crossed all his 't's. You think he's just fine in his new environment.

But how do you know? Did you do a follow-up?

If not, your new employee could still be facing new job difficulties you're not even aware of. This could be a result of a weak induction programme.

Here's how to do an induction follow-up to ensure your new employee's induction was a success and he really is up to speed with everything he needs...

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Three points you must assess during an induction process follow-up

The Practical Guide to Human Resources for Managers says when you do a follow-up at the end of induction process you must find out if your new employee:
- Has been socialised in the company culture;
- Is experiencing any difficulties; and
- Is reaching his potential in the new job.
A proper follow-up that deals with these issues can help you see if your induction programme is working. It might even highlight a common mistake in employee induction. This mistake is to rush through and cram all in information into a short time
By knowing this, you'll be able to iron out any hiccups and plan and structure your future induction processes much better. 
But how do you conduct this follow-up?
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How to conduct an induction process follow-up

The best way to conduct this follow-up is to ask your employee into an informal meeting.
In this meeting, ask how he's coping with the work, check if he settled in okay and ask for feedback on his job induction.
All these questions will give you insight that'll not only help your employee settle in, but also fix any problems in your staff induction.
It's also beneficial to get your employee to fill out a feedback questionnaire. 
Induction follow-ups are a vital way to check your new employee's happy and your induction process is working well. So ensure you do follow-ups after every induction

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You haven't completed your new employee's induction process until you do this one last thing
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