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A continuous risk assessment. The emphasis on hazard awareness

by , 18 February 2015
According to the Labour Guide, a continuous risk assessment ought to be conducted on a continuous basis in the work environment.

This should be taken into consideration as it is seen as a major and useful form of assessment and should take place continually, as an integral part of day to day management. In consequence, in continuous HIRA, the emphasis is on day to day hazard awareness, through HIRA, and immediate risk treatment.

Moreover, hazard awareness should be fueled by memory joggers (inspection checklists, pre-use checklists, and critical part and paths checklists together with planned task observations).

Also, this is performed at an operational level, where the system, process and activities are monitored on a continuous basis by the operational floor management and first line supervisors. It must not be sophisticated and should mainly be conducted by first line supervisors, as the current law states.

Hazard awareness through hazard identification is a method recommended by the Labour Guide which also emphasizes the fact that in this particular case a formal training is needed.

Below you will find several examples of continuous risk assessment, keeping in mind that hazardous activities need to undergo this type of risk assessment prior to the conducting of the activity and can include, as the previously source mentioned, the following:


    Critical task observations

    OHS audits

    Work permits

    Toolbox talks

    Medical surveillance

    Occupational hygiene measurements

    Planned maintenance systems

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A continuous risk assessment. The emphasis on hazard awareness
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