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Are common risks a problem? Nip them in the bud with a risk assessment

by , 14 July 2014
Not all accidents result in fire and lots of blood. In fact, those big accidents are fairly uncommon. It's the annoying little ones that cause problems in most companies.

Things like someone falling down stairs or having something fall on their heads. These are the accidents that lead to broken bones and concussions that decrease your productivity.

Luckily, you can prevent these common accidents from robbing your company of productivity. All you have to do is this...

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If you can't answer even one of these questions you're not only putting your employee's lives at risk; you're also putting yourself in danger of massive fine from the DoL.
Don't wait until it's too late.

Catch common risk early and they won't be a problem 

When it comes to workplace accidents, prevention is better than cure. Focusing on a cure is like relying on your first aid team to keep your entire workforce safe. 
Prevention must be your main focus when it comes to health and safety. To prevent accidents, you need to know what the cause is and what safety precautions will be best to prevent it. 
If you want to do either of these things, you need to identify the risks. To do this, you must do a risk assessment...

Identify common risks with a risk assessment

It's actually easy to prevent common risks with a risk assessment. You simply need to observe your employees at work and look out for:
- Anything in the workplace that could cause an accident such as a loose carpet tile or a wobbly stack of files;
- Any behavior from your employees that could cause accidents;
- Hazardous areas like a storage room that's badly lit;
- Any electrical appliances or sockets that could cause shocks; and
- Old safety precautions that don't work anymore like broken handrails down the stairs.
By identifying workplace hazards like these, you can prevent those pesky common risks from causing common accidents. 
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Are common risks a problem? Nip them in the bud with a risk assessment
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