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Are risks ruining your workplace? Here how to put a stop to them!

by , 24 July 2014
Do you see danger in every corner of your workplace? If you do, it's because there are risks associated with the work and condition of your workplace.

These risks can cause constant workplace accident. These, in turn, can make your workplace an unbearable place to be.

And your employees won't just be in danger, they'll hate coming to work too.

But you can put a stop to all of this just by doing one thing...

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Is it absolutely necessary for your company to appoint and train someone as a risk assessor?
When was the last time you did a risk assessment? (Is that too long?)
Have you checked and double checked the less obvious health hazards?
If you can't answer even one of these questions you're not only putting your employee's lives at risk; you're also putting yourself in danger of massive fine from the DoL.
Don't wait until it's too late.
Learn how to do your risk assessments correctly here.

A risk assessment can protect your employees and improve your workplace

If accidents happen a lot in your workplace, it's because you haven't dealt with the risk in health and safety plan. But you can change this. All you need to do is a risk assessment.
This is a simple process of observing your employees at work and spotting the dangers they face. These dangers can come from their work, tools, machinery, environment and even external factor in the workplace.
It requires some time and preparation but you can easily do your assessment in a day. Just ensure you do it thoroughly.
So when you start this risk management plan remember to do this...

When you do your risk assessment remember: Plan, observe, assess and deal with

Plan: You need to plan out your risk assessment process. This planning must include lists of the workplace areas and the risks you must look out for in each.
Observe: Arrange a time with your health and safety representative to observe your employees at work.
Assess: Examine the hazards and risks you see and assess them. You must determine what the risk is and how serious it is.
Deal with: Once you've pinpointed all the risks in your workplace, you must deal with them. You can do this by putting safety equipment in place, training your employees or adding warning signs.
If you do this, your workplace will be risk free and somewhere your employees enjoy working. 
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Are risks ruining your workplace? Here how to put a stop to them!
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