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Are threats going undetected on your construction site? Get them under control with this three step check

by , 09 April 2014
There are two million work related deaths each year. The highest number of these deaths happen on construction sites. This is often because of risk assessments that employers may not have done properly where hazards go unchecked. Thankfully, you can keep your employees safe from joining this statistic with a simple three step check...

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Get better safety management with this three step check
The three checks you need to do to identify threats on your construction site starts with looking at employee training. 
This is the first step of this check and it's easier if you keep a record of your employee's training.  
According to the International Labour Organisation fatal accidents normally happen to workers who are young and inexperienced workers. Employees with more training and experience are less likely to have an accident than those without training. If you can see which employees have less training you can see where an accident can happen.
The second step is to spot the hazards involved in their work on the construction site. 
For example, if they work with chemicals but they don't have as much training as someone else, what could happen? That's a hazard itself because they don't know how to handle them chemical the right way.  
Finally, you have to think about all of the risks that, that hazard could cause. That employee could mix chemicals which react badly together. They could spill dangerous chemicals. They could get chemical burns. Every hazard can have lots of different risk. 
You see using these three steps helps you to figure out where the risk comes in. This then helps you to find the source and figure out a solution. The Health and Safety Advisor says that it's important to first rank these risks. This means most serious are the top and least serious at the bottom.  Then you need to add them to your risk management plan…
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Using a risk management plan to stop accidents from happening
Having a risk management plan and a safety officer who can keep an eye out will really help prevent accidents. Your risk management plan needs to find ways to fix possible risks before they actually become problems. Your safety officer must look out for these risks and insist on employees following the solutions. These, together with the three step check, will help you keep you construction site accident free.

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Are threats going undetected on your construction site? Get them under control with this three step check
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